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In southern Burgundy, Charolles, Charles le Téméraire's city,
is the old capital of the county Charolais.
Its origin probably goes back to the days of independent Gaule. Charolles's name comes from "Kadrigel" which means fortress surrounded with water.

The Earthenware Works was founded in 1844 by Hippolyte Prost, it was transfered in 1857 to the emplacement of the castle of the Lords of the Magdeleine, the outbuildings were transformed into factories .

Charolles the green setting for the white bull is well known all over the world. In Charolles two events garantee a very colourful atmosphere : in november, the Herd Book Bull Competition, and the first sunday in december, devoted to the beef Festival.

The town counts more than 3000 inhabitants, it's a town with many flowers where it's very nice to walk.tourist office

You also find a tourism office wich welcomes you from monday to friday, from 10  am to 12 am  and from 2 pm to 5 pm and  . You can join them for any information.

tel/fax : 03-85-24-05-95 





The priory's museum shows a collection of the famous Charolles's earthenware, and a collection of paintings and sculptures by locals artists (closed in winter).

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